Andy Corless


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Andy has served as the mechanical, software and electrical engineer on multiple product development projects. He holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and has many years of design experience that spans the medical instruments industry, musical instruments and human powered vehicles. He has developed a new Particle-into-Liquid-Sampler as well as optical and condensation particle counters, particle sizers and recently worked on a project to integrate multiple aerosol sampling devices into a package small enough to be deployed on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a payload capacity smaller than a shoe box. He has expertise in microcontroller-based systems and programming languages used to control various products. Andy played an important role in the recent development of the Ground-based Counterflow Virtual Impactor (GCVI) inlet system for sampling cloud droplets from ground sites. Together with other project team members, he was able to design, document and test a new system in a timeframe meeting our customer needs.