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Climate Change
reducing model uncertainties with better data


Multi-year Aircraft flights over India using various ACCESS modules (mOPC, STAP, aMCPC, FILT), the 2110 Portable SEMS and 1204 CVI Inlet (and 

India grows almost all of the food required to feed its 1.4 billion people, so the monsoon rains are critical to ensuring high agricultural productivity. Brechtel scientists have partnered with IITM Pune to measure particle size, concentration, and chemistry on-board a King Air aircraft in and around clouds that were simultaneously probed with ground-based radar. The goal of the project is to improve understanding of monsoon trends, including forecasting intense precipitation events and long-term changes in precipitation patterns.


Multi-year Arctic cloud/haze sampling from Svalbard with the GCVI. Working with Stockholm University, a Ground-based CVI cloud sampler has been deployed on a remote Arctic island for over 4 years to study the impact of forest fire and pollution aerosols that are transported to the Arctic on high latitude clouds.

Arctic clouds play an extremely important role in modulating polar climate and in the rate of sea ice melt, so quantitative studies of how cloud properties are changing in the region are critical. Brechtel has provided significant technical support to help ensure high quality data are produced in this extremely harsh environment.

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