Particle into Liquid Sampler Model 4001


Perform real-time PM1 and PM2.5 particle composition measurements using the analytical method of your choice or by collecting directly into sample vials.

The PILS is the easiest method to obtain samples for both on-line and off-line aerosol chemistry measurements. If you are tired of filter samples and need a fast-response composition measurement, the PILS is one of the simplest methods available to acquire samples. It can be easily integrated with the analytical method of your choice, including ion chromatography systems and total organic analyzers. These analytical methods allow on-line analyses of aerosol chemistry for major water soluble ions and organic species with excellent detection limits.
If you don’t want to bring your chemistry lab out to the field, Brechtel offers a vial collection system that lets you set your sample time resolution based on your research needs and not on the speed of your analytical method.

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All Features
  • PM1 or PM2.5 bulk aerosol sampling
  • Fully characterized and field tested
  • Vial collection with multiple vial sizes using optional Auto-collector
  • Rack mount tabs fits standard 19 inch racks
  • Software to record PILS temperatures and control optional auto-collector
  • Easy to operate and install with compact size
  • Continuous unattended long-term operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Analyze samples using multiple analytical techniques
Technical Specs

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Applications and Solutions
  • Continuous monitoring of ambient aerosol composition
  • Laboratory smog chamber studies
  • Cloud condensation nucleus studies
  • Visibility reduction studies
  • Aerosol health impacts
  • Long-term climate and air quality monitoring
  • Wildfire plume chemistry studies
  • Arctic aerosol and high-latitude climate change
The PILS software features a graphical user interface with point-and-click operation. A real-time display of the steam injector and steam heater temperatures is provided as well as control over data file storage to record instrument operation.

With the optional Auto-Collector, a GUI is provided with custom input fields to enter vial number, run number and to configure vial fill times and number of vials to fill. The current vial number, carousel position, and filling time is displayed to keep track of the sample collection process. With just a few clicks of the mouse you have immediate access to configure the sampling run to satisfy your needs!

What's Included
  • Model 4001 PILS
  • Interconnect tubing and cables
  • PILS and Auto-collector software for Windows™
  • Operator’s manual

The following optional accessories are available:

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