PreHumidifier Model 3110


The Brechtel Manufacturing Pre-Humidifier is designed to bring a particle sample flow to a known relative humidity. The Pre-Humidifier can be implemented as a component of a suite of instruments, in particular the Model 3100 HTDMA, to explore the humidity dependence of particle size, efflorescence, deliquescence, and other properties.

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All Features
  • Humidify flow rates up to 2 lpm
  • Reaches 90% relative humidity (RH)
  • Dry flows down to 20% RH
  • Easy to control RH by mixing dry/wet flows
  • Integrated RH sensor with RH displayed on front panel
  • Conveniently packaged in rack mountable chassis
  • No direct contact between particle sample and humidifying flows
  • Rapid RH changes between 20 and 90% RH
  • Easily integrates with Model 3100 HTDMA and Model 2100 SEMS
  • Simplifies studies on how RH affects aerosol properties
  • Fully integrated, easy-to-use design
  • Convenient water supply bottle access
Technical Specs
Applications and Solutions
  • Measurements of the change in aerosol size with RH
  • Deliquescence studies
  • Efflorescence studies
  • Aerosol-cloud interactions
  • Climate change impacts of aerosols at elevated RH
  • Human health impacts of aerosols
  • Air pollution impacts of aerosols at high RH
No software is required for this product.
What's Included
  • Model 3110 Pre-Humidifier chassis
  • Water fill bottle with mounting bracket
  • Ship Kit
  • Operator’s manual

There are no accessories for this product.

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