Mixing Condensation Particle Counter Model 1720


Fast time response particle number concentration measurements in a compact package.

The Model 1720 Mixing Condensation Particle Counter (MCPC) performs ultra-fast total particle number concentration measurements for applications where high time resolution and fast response are critical. The compact size, low weight and minimal power use make it a great solution for applications requiring portability. The robust design withstands the G-forces of mobile use and the butanol handling resists problems with flooding. The MCPC’s fast time response (0.18 sec) makes it an ideal detector in the Model 2100 SEMS for rapid scanning size distribution measurements. Deploy the 1720 in conjunction with our other instruments to get a more complete picture of your aerosol.

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For applications requiring a particle counter capable of rapid total number concentration measurements down to a few nanometers – the Model 1720 Mixing CPC is packed with features in a very compact package. The particle counter has been deployed on ships, aircraft, on top of Mauna Loa and at the South Pole – with proven low pressure operation, the unit is ruggedized for field use.


  • 180 ms ultra-fast time response
  • 7.0 nm 50% detection diameter
  • On-board data storage
  • Tilt tested anti-flooding design
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Proven continuous 24/7 operation
  • Fully characterized
  • Independently proven 100% counting efficiency
  • Ideal for rapid DMA scanning
  • Low butanol fluid consumption
  • Resists flooding of optics block
  • Low power use and small size
  • Robust field-tested design
Technical Specs

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Applications and Solutions
  • Continuous monitoring of size distributions using the Scanning Electrical Mobility Sizer (SEMS)
  • Ambient concentration measurements
  • Laboratory flow-tube reactor studies
  • Cloud condensation nucleus studies
  • Visibility reduction studies
  • Aerosol health impacts
  • Long-term air quality monitoring
  • HTDMA measurements
  • CVI/GCVI inlet cloud residue measurements
The MCPC software has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. All instrument operating parameters are quickly accessible via the graphical user interface (GUI) software provided for your computer or directly from the instrument front panel. Coincidence-corrected concentrations, raw concentrations, counts or summed counts over a specific time period can be obtained from the front panel display or via the GUI software.
Changes to instrument settings may also be made either through serial commands or directly through the front panel. Settings include displayed concentration/count/sum, whether labels are reported for each parameter, communication baud rate as well as calibration coefficients for sample and saturator laminar flow elements. It is easy to re-calibrate or validate calibrations of key components like LFEs to verify proper operation of the instrument.
What's Included

The Model 1720 MCPC comes with the following items:


  • Model 1720 MCPC
  • Saturator flow bypass tubing assembly
  • Butanol fill bottle
  • External 12 VDC power supply
  • Communication and power cables
  • MCPC Reader Software
  • Operator’s manual
  • Weatherproof shipping case

The following optional accessories are available:

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