Why Brechtel?

We care We respond We are here to help We are adaptable

Why choose Brechtel products over others? Ask any of our customers and first they will tell you about our superb service. Next they will describe our expertise and flexibility in adapting our technologies to suit their specific needs while staying within their budget. Finally, they will appreciate the great price they received for the high quality solution we delivered! When you buy a product from Brechtel you become a member of our “family” – if you have troubles down the road and need help quickly to get back up and running, no matter how long you have had our product we respond to make sure you get what you need.

Service is central to everything we do at Brechtel. It is the foundation of how we approach our customers: “How can we serve you?” From contract research and development to custom manufacturing to building a small but important part to satisfy your complex application, we have a complete toolkit to design and build your measurement solution.

We care.

Setting precedents and furthering science inspires us to create products that make a difference.

We respond.

By being accessible and approachable we will quickly solve your challenges to keep your data flowing.

We are here to help.

We always provide our customers with transparent service, honest estimates, and timely responses.

We are adaptable.

To satisfy your changing needs we’ve designed our products to be flexible and easy to update.

Made in Silicon Valley

Brechtel is fortunate to have access to the great talent, technical resources and innovation that defines Silicon Valley. By incorporating only the highest quality materials and technologies into our products we help ensure great performance for years of life. Designing, building and testing our products in Silicon Valley provides unprecedented access to the cutting-edge tools needed to cost-effectively manage the life cycle of each of our products so we can continually improve them to meet your changing needs.

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