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Service is central to everything we do at Brechtel. It is the foundation of how we approach our customers: “How can we serve you?” Services spanning contract research and development to custom manufacturing to building a small but important part to satisfy your complex application, we have a complete toolkit to design and build your measurement solution.

Research and Development

Brechtel invests significantly in the R&D of its own products and we can apply our expert services to your application. Our engineers have expertise in mechanical and electronics design, PCB design, software development, and fluid and heat transfer modeling using COMSOL™. As a “one-stop-shop” we can quickly design, fabricate and test prototypes. Contact us to discuss your development needs.

Custom Manufacturing

We build what we sell. No off-shoring, no out-sourcing, Brechtel makes all of the critical components for our products in house using numerically controlled vertical mills, turning and water jet cutting centers, vacuum brazing furnaces, welding centers and other unique tools. One of our key strengths is the ability to make complex components using cost-effective methods. If you have a unique project we can help you turn into reality, contact us. We will give you an honest appraisal of the effort and cost to complete your project.

Vacuum Brazing

Need an ultra-clean, leak-tight instrument component? We can join complex metal assemblies at pressures of 0.00000001 torr and temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius in a one-step process. If you are working with high voltage or other applications requiring ceramic-to-metal seals, we can design and braze your ceramic-to-metal joint. If you need specialized material processing in a high-temperature, vacuum environment – contact us for a quote.

Fabrication Services

If you are looking for someone to make a unique, high quality component, we can apply the methods described above at Brechtel to satisfy your needs. Be it a special inlet sampling fitting, a manifold to precisely divide instrument flows, or a temperature-controlled sampling inlet – we can offer solutions that work within your budget.

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