Inlet Switcher Model GCVI-I


Automatically switch between ISO and CVI inlets, clear-sky and GCVI inlets, or any two sample lines using the Inlet Switcher: a custom 3-way valve with a straight-through flow path.

The Inlet Switcher is a convenient way to automatically switch between any two inlets with flow rates up to 20 lpm and particles smaller than 10 micrometers. The unique straight-through flow path design of the three-way valve minimizes particle losses while matching the up and downstream flow tubing inside diameters. Move the 3-way valve in just a few seconds by providing either a 5 volt DC or 100-240 volt AC control signal to the rack mountable chassis. The GCVI-I is automatically switched when integrated with the Model 1205 GCVI so instruments can sample from a clear-sky inlet when no cloud is present at the site.

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All Features
  • Straight-through flow path of 3-way valve reduces particle losses
  • High flow rate capability
  • Simple to actuate with either DC or AC input voltage control
  • Compact, easy-to-use design
  • Rack mountable chassis easily integrates into instrument rack
  • Low power requirements
  • Leak-tight design
  • Field tested robust design
  • Easily integrated into existing sampling systems
  • Rapid valve switching cycle time
Technical Specs
Applications and Solutions
  • Switching between any two particle sampling inlets
  • Cloud sampling with GCVI
  • Clear and cloudy-sky sampling with ISO and CVI inlets on-board aircraft
  • Air pollution studies
  • Climate change cloud indirect studies
  • Aerosol-cloud interaction studies
There is no software required for this product.
What's Included
  • Inlet Switching rack mountable chassis
  • DC control signal cable
  • AC control signal cable
  • Ship Kit
  • Operator’s manual
There are no accessories for this product.

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Operator’s manual


Aerosol Cloud Interactions

Aircraft Sampling

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