Brechtel is a team of experts dedicated to furthering scientific discovery by opening up access to technology. Our team has accumulated decades of field sampling experience on aircraft, ships, mountain tops, skyscrapers, coastal sites, unmanned drones – even the rainforest canopy. So we understand how difficult scientific measurements are to make and remain committed to supporting our customers throughout the life of our products. We believe technology should be more openly available and easy to use. High quality measurements should be the norm, not the exception – and customers should not have to stand in front of devices adjusting settings to ensure they are working correctly. We are committed to providing a solution that you do not need to worry about so you can focus on the science.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all consumers access to information about the quality of the air they breathe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and bring to market innovative and cost-effective air quality measurement tools.
  • Reviewer 1: The PI and the other participants are highly qualified and I am very confident they have the best know-how and facilities to bring the project to success.

    Reviewer 2: Brechtel has a known reputation for miniaturization of aerosol observation suite for UAS application. The PI and key staff are well qualified for the research projects. Their experience and background are very impressive.

    Reviewer 3: The PI has demonstrated knowledge and is a reputable expert in the field of aerosol measurement. The PI and his company have a proven track record with similar SBIR developments. The PI is well-known in this industry for his expertise.

    Expert Reviewers of SBIR Proposals Comments after review of Brechtel’s SBIR proposal for
    Miniaturized Cloud Condensation Nucleus Counter
  • Reviewer 1: The facilities at Brechtel are excellent….Brechtel makes high quality products so they are presumably very competent.

    Reviewer 2: Brechtel is a highly regarded company and is uniquely suited for performing the work described here. My high score here reflects my respectfor the PI’s accomplishments and the quality of the instruments that his company produces.

    Reviewer 3: The PI has extensive experience in developing electrical mobility based aerosol sizing instruments. The proposal team is very strong, and I think this is probably the best company to carry out the proposed development.

    Expert Reviewers of SBIR Proposals Comments after review of Brechtel’s SBIR proposal for
    Miniaturized Scanning Electrical Mobility Sizer
  • I purchased a PILS from Brechtel because I knew that the flow control problems inherent in this type of instrument would require the level of detail that I expect from them. We are not only pleased with the instrument, but cannot speak more highly about the support given by Brechtel… very timely as well as high quality.

    Michael Hannigan Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
    University of Colorado at Boulder