Aerosol Charge Neutralizer Model 9000


A charge neutralizer that provides reproducible bipolar charge distributions in a very affordable & easy-to-maintain package.

The charge neutralizer produces a reproducible, bi-polar equilibrium particle charge distribution for scanning mobility sizer, electrostatic precipitator and particle charging experiments. With two Model 2U500 Polonium-210 sources, the neutralizer will operate for 3 years before new sources are needed. The unit may also be used to bring highly charged aerosol from atomizers and other sources to charge equilibrium to help reduce electrostatic losses.

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All Features
• Easy-to-install Polonium-210 sources (not included)
• Stainless steel construction
• Ultra-clean high vacuum brazing construction
• Total activity of 1 millicurie (37 MBq)
• High maximum flow rate 5 lpm
• Maximum recommended input number concentration 10^5-10^6 /cc
• Well characterized, stable bi-polar charge distribution
• Conveniently integrated into your sampling system
• Easy to clean
• Ultra-safe and inexpensive off-the-shelf sources
• 3-year useful source life before replacement
Technical Specs

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Applications and Solutions
• Particle sampling requiring an equilibrium bipolar charge distribution
• Continuous monitoring of ambient size distributions using the Brechtel SEMS or mSEMS
• Hygroscopic growth measurements using the Brechtel HTDMA
• Neutralization of atomizer output for instrument characterization
• Laboratory flow-tube reactor studies
• Cloud condensation nucleus studies
• Visibility reduction studies
• Aerosol health impacts
• Long-term climate and air quality monitoring
• Rapid number size distribution measurements
No software is required.
What's Included
• Model 9000 Charge Neutralizer with mounting bracket for two Po-210 sources
• Operator’s manual
The following optional accessories are available:

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