Thermodenuder Model 3105


Perform particle volatility studies at well-controlled temperatures up to 300°C with long residence times. The Thermodenuder allows semi-quantitative studies to be performed on the volatile species and mixing state of sampled particles at temperatures up to 300 C.

With only 15 minutes or less required to reach a desired temperature, studies at multiple temperatures can be performed over a short time period. An integrated activated carbon denuder minimizes re-condensation of volatilized species onto particles. When integrated with the Model 3100 HTDMA, the Thermodenuder allows detailed, size-dependent studies of how volatile species influence aerosol water uptake.

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All Features

• Controlled temperatures between ambient and 300°C
• Change in setpoint temperature requires less than 15 minutes
• Sample flow rates between 0.1 and 2 lpm
• Residence times between 10 and 50 seconds, depending on sample flow rate
• Integrated activated carbon denuder at setpoint temperature
• Automated operation when integrated with BRECHTEL Model 3100 HTDMA system
• Easy-to-use, integrated software for temperature control
• Integrated active cooling for rapid temperature changes

  • Fast time response
  • Stable temperature control up to 300 C
  • Easy to program with up to 30 temperatures in a single profile
  • Active cooling for rapid temperature changes
  • Long residence times
  • Integrates with Model 3100 HTDMA for remotely controlled operation
Technical Specs

Thermodenuder Model 3105 Specs

Applications and Solutions
  • Aerosol volatility studies
  • Wildfire and other combustion aerosol studies
  • Exploring the role of volatile/non-volatile species on aerosol cloud interactions
  • Aerosol chemistry measurements
  • Ice nuclei & CCN research
Integrated software allows different temperature setpoints and run times to be easily entered via the front panel display. All operating parameter values and the current temperature control status are visible on the front panel. A simple data processing program written in the Igor ™ language is provided to facilitate data analysis and plotting.
What's Included
  • Model 3105 Thermodenuder
  • Rack mount brackets
  • Ship Kit
  • Operator’s manual


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