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How are you going to get your sample to your instruments with minimal particle losses? Do you need to worry about how ambient humidity variations will affect your sampling efficiency?
With our in-house aerosol wind tunnel, cloud chamber and years of inlet design experience we can answer your questions and solve your sampling problems. Whether you are trying to develop an isokinetic inlet for a moving platform, a new method for distributing sample flows to multiple instruments, or a system for measuring ambient cloud droplets – contact us and we’ll propose the most cost-effective solution possible to satisfy your needs.  Review our Product Line Card and call us today to discuss your application!

Sampling – Inlet Systems

Sampling – Inlet Components

Particle Sizing and Counting

If your measurement needs include sizing and counting aerosol, our Scanning Electrical Mobility Sizer, Humidified Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer and Mixing Condensation Particle Counter have logged thousands of continuous ambient sampling hours at coastal sites, mountain sites, the South Pole, on ships at sea, and even on-board aircraft at 40,000 ft. We pay attention to the needs of real-world field sampling applications so you don’t have to worry about your instrument reliability. With data post-processing tools written in easy-to-use IGOR(™) software procedures, we make it easy to mine your data and produce publication-ready plots.

Chemistry and Black Carbon

Particle chemistry is complex, so is black carbon. Do you need to sample major water soluble species? Looking to better understand local sources of black versus ‘brown’ carbon? Interested in water soluble organics? Take some of the complexity out of these measurements by employing our PILS for applications where you need to know the ambient concentration of water soluble species like sulfate, nitrate, ammonium or water soluble organics. Use the TAP or STAP for simple-to-use measurements of brown and black carbon.