Soft X-ray Charger Model 9002


Charge neutralize your aerosol sample for SEMS, mSEMS, and HTDMA measurements without the need for radioactive sources.

The Model 9002 is a Bipolar charger that uses Soft X-rays to charge particles instead of a radioactive source such as Am241 (Americium-241), Kr85 (Krypton-85), or Po210 (Polonium-210). Soft X-rays are easily absorbed by a thin layer of air and have been widely used for anti-static applications. The unit is safe, easy to use, and requires minimal maintenance. It is also easy to import for use in scientific applications such as aerosol research, since X-rays are only produced when the product has power applied.

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All Features
  • Stable Bipolar charge distribution
  • Long 10,000 hour lamp lifetime
  • Easy to operate, safe and simple
  • Built-in controller
  • No transportation restrictions; simplifies handling
  • Compatible with Brechtel’s SEMS Model 2100, mSEMS Model 9404, and HTDMA Model 3100
  • No particle or ozone generation
  • Environmentally safe source
  • Low maintenance
  • Compressed air not required
  • No radioactive material
Technical Specs
Applications and Solutions
  • Particle sizing with SEMS, mSEMS, HTDMA
  • Aerosol Generation
  • Particle Charging
  • Aerosol-cloud interaction studies
  • Air pollution studies
  • Reference instruments
  • Wildfires, Climate & Health
No software is required for this product.
What's Included
  • Model 9002 Soft X-ray Charger
  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • Operator’s Manual

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