Base Module Model 9400


Add the Base Module and UAV Reader software to your suite of ACCESS instruments and gain the flexibility to remotely control your devices and review results in real time.

The Model 9400 Base Module includes the software and hardware to communicate with, integrate and remotely control all of the ACCESS modules at the same time. A ruggedized minicomputer with external serial control talks to and controls each module via a micro-USB hub. The simple-to-use UAV Reader software automatically recognizes connected modules and activates the appropriate features in the software to monitor instrument health, data and remotely control the instrument via serial commands from another computer. The software also makes it much easier to verify that all of your instruments are working properly before launching your mobile platform. The Base Module is an important add-on to your instrument suite to acquire aerosol samples from UAVs and other mobile platforms where remote control and monitoring capabilities are required. The compact size, low weight and minimal power use make it a great solution for applications requiring portability.

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All Features
• Compact, ruggedized minicomputer hardware
• Small 7” LCD display and foldable keyboard/mouse
• Display and mouse easily removed for payload deployment of computer
• Easy instrument integration via micro-USB hub
• Comprehensive software to control each instrument
• Simplifies changes to instrument configurations
• Sampling controllable by remote user RS232 command
  • Provides real-time data viewer and analysis via UAV Reader software
  • Adds capability to remotely control any ACCESS device
  • Small and light minicomputer easily integrates into payload
  • Add/remove devices simply by connecting/disconnecting USB cable
  • Easily transfer data to ground network via ethernet or Wi-Fi
Technical Specs
Applications and Solutions
  • Real-time monitoring and control of all ACCESS modules
  • Remote control of full ACCESS suite of instruments
  • Data backup and transfer to analysis workstation
The UAV Reader software comes pre-loaded on the Base Module computer and easily communicates with the integrated firmware in each ACCESS module. Up to six of each module may be connected simultaneously to communicate with the UAV Reader. Timelines of observed aerosol properties are displayed and operating parameters reported in the “details” tab for each connected device. The built-in microprocessor and sensors in each instrument are able to sense, control, and report on instrument performance to the UAV Reader so you can monitor performance of multiple devices using one interface on one computer.

An external RS232 port allows a stream of data to be sent to the user’s on-board system computer and provides real-time user access to operating parameters and measurement values during flight or mobile operations. This same serial connection may be used to remotely control any of the ACCESS devices. An on-board solid-state disk stores data locally, organized in easy-to-navigate, date-stamped folders.
The UAV Reader software automatically recognizes which instruments are attached to the Base Module and adjusts accordingly. It is provided to facilitate configuration and monitoring of the ACCESS instruments on the ground and during mobile sampling, but is not required to operate the unit. Please refer to the respective operator’s manual for each ACCESS module for details on the UAV Reader interface for that product.

What's Included
  • Mini-computer
  • LCD display
  • Keyboard/mouse
  • AC adapter
  • UAV Reader software
  • Carrying case
12 VDC battery to power Base Module

Operator’s Manual: For operator’s manual see individual ACCESS device manuals.

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