Particle into Liquid Sampler (PILS)

Model 4001


The PILS is one of the simplest methods available to acquire samples for aerosol chemistry applications. It can be easily integrated with the analytical method of your choice. Ion chromatography systems and total organic analyzers are routinely used with the PILS. These analytical methods allow on-line analyses of aerosol chemistry for major water soluble ions and organic species.

Brechtel also offers a vial collection system to deliver liquid sample to vials if you don’t want to bring your aerosol chemistry lab to the field. The vial collection also lets you set your sample time resolution based on your research needs and not based on the speed of your analytical method.

  • PM1 or PM2.5 bulk aerosol sampling
  • Fully characterized and field tested
  • Vial collection with multiple vial sizes using optional Auto-collector
  • Rack mount tabs fits standard 19 inch racks
  • Software to record PILS temperatures and control optional auto-collector


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate and install with compact size
  • Continuous unattended long-term operation
  • Multiple analytical techniques possible

Technical Specs

Particle into Liquid Sampler

parameter value type
PILS inlet sample flow 11-15 lpm
Washflow and sample liquid flow rates 0.03-2.0 ml/min
SO4, NO3, NO2, Cl, NH4, K, Na, Ca, Mg 100 ng/m³ LOD Chemical Species Detected
Acetate, formate and oxalate organic acids 50 ng/m³ LOD Chemical Species Detected
Water soluble organic carbon 10 ppb LOD Chemical Species Detected
Supply voltage 100-230 VAC (2.5 amps) Electrical
Operating temperature range 15-35°C Electrical
Dimensions 17.2"W x 6.9"H x 16"D (43.25Wx17.5Hx4.75D cm) Physical
PILS system total weight 20 lbs (9kg) Physical
Auto-collector total weight 20 lbs (9kg) Physical

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Applications and Solutions

  • Continuous monitoring of ambient aerosol composition
  • Laboratory smog chamber studies
  • Cloud condensation nucleus studies
  • Visibility reduction studies
  • Aerosol health impacts
  • Long-term climate and air quality monitoring

What’s Included

The Model 4001 Particle-into-Liquid Sampler comes with the following:

  • Droplet growth and collection chamber
  • Steam generation system with automatic control
  • Integrated sample liquid flow degasser
  • Peristaltic pump for steam flow, wash flow, liquid sample flow and waste liquid handling
  • Critical orifice air sample flow control
  • Rack mountable instrument enclosure with fully integrated components Graphical User
  • Interface software for Windows™
  • Operating Manual


The PILS software features a graphical user interface with point-and-click operation. A real-time display of the steam injector and steam heater temperatures is provided as well as control over data file storage to record instrument operation.

With the optional Auto-Collector, a GUI is provided with custom input fields to enter vial number, run number and to configure vial fill times and number of vials to fill. The current vial number, carousel position, and filling time is displayed to keep track of the sample collection process. With just a few clicks of the mouse you have immediate access to configure the sampling run to satisfy your needs!


The following optional accessories are available:

PILS accessories list

Part Number Description
PILS-AC Auto-collector with either 80 or 38 vial- holding carousel and control software
CA80 Additional 80 vial-holding carousel for Auto-Collector and 1.2 or 2.0 ml vials
CA38 Additional 38 vial-holding carousel for Auto-Collector and 10 or 12 ml vials
VS1.2 Pack of 1000 1.2 ml poly vials and caps with septa
VS2.0 Pack of 1000 2.0 ml glass vials and caps with septa
VM10 Pack of 1000 10 ml glass vials and caps with septa
CR Crimping tool for 10 ml glass vial aluminum caps (required with VM10)
VM12 Pack of 1000 12 ml poly vials and caps
DE Denuder package with three denuders for organic, acidic and basic gases
8003 Particle Round Jet Impactor (1.0 micrometer cut size, 15 lpm flow)
8005 Particle Round Jet Impactor (2.5 micrometer cut size, 15 lpm flow)
8006 Particle Round Jet Impactor (10 micrometer cut size, 15 lpm flow)
PILS-P115 External vacuum pump, 115 V
PILS-P230 External vacuum pump, 230 V
PILS-PC Computer pre-loaded with 4001 PILS software graphical user interface
PILS-Kit Maintenance Kit for 4001 PILS

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  • The user interface/software made the use and operation of the PILS particularly straightforward; it is among the best equipment-user interfaces that I have used.

    Robert Griffin Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Rice University

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