Aerosol Counting, Composition, Extinction and Sizing System (ACCESS)

Model 9400


The ACCESS suite of instruments is an ideal measurement solution for applications like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) requiring small size, portability, low weight, and low power usage. ACCESS includes four miniaturized measurement modules that can fit on a single UAV: a small Mixing Condensation Particle Counter (MCPC) for real-time total number concentration observations, an Optical Particle Counter (OPC) for number size distribution measurements between 0.1 and 10 μm, a Single-channel Tricolor Absorption Photometer (S-TAP) for light absorption and black carbon measurements, and an eight-channel filter sampler for off-line chemical composition measurements.

Each device fits in the palm of your hand, and together the set of measurements only takes up the volume of a shoe box, weighs less than 10 lbs and uses only 60 watts of power. The small size and weight make the devices easy to deploy on a UAV. Check back with us regularly as new measurement modules are being added!

  • Rapid observations of ambient total aerosol number concentration
  • Time resolved filter sampling for aerosol composition
  • Size resolved optical number concentration
  • Aerosol absorption coefficient at 3 wavelengths and black carbon concentration


Click below to view a video created by NOAA showing the first Arctic deployment of ACCESS.


  • Extremely compact integrated package
  • Lightweight
  • Requires only 60 watts of power
  • Portability
  • Field tested on-board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with 40 flight hours over the Arctic

Technical Specs

Aerosol Counting, Composition, Extinction and Sizing System

parameter value type

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Applications and Solutions

    • Sampling from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • Traditional Research Aircraft Sampling
    • Climate Change Field Studies
    • Remote Ground Based Operation
    • Air Quality Monitoring
    • Bio-Aerosol Detection
    • Personal Exposure Monitoring
    • Balloon Platform Sampling


Built-in software drives the ACCESS from the inside – the built-in microprocessor and sensors are able to sense, control, and report on instrument performance in real-time. A serially-communicated stream of data provides access to all the fundamental operating parameters and measurement values from the instruments. An external user-supplied data logger is required to store the serially streamed data. The software automatically recognizes the instruments attached to the base module and adjusts accordingly.

The graphical user interface (GUI) software provided for an external PC allows you to easily interact with the instrument so you can change parameter settings, configure outputs and view measurements on the screen of the PC. The GUI software is provided to facilitate configuration and monitoring of the ACCESS instruments on the ground, but is not required to operate the unit and acquire data. The external GUI software requires a user-supplied PC that must have Windows 7 or newer system software and at least one free USB port. A customized installer is provided that will load the GUI software on your computer.

What’s Included

The Model 9400 ACCESS comes with the base control module, operating software and at least two of the following instrument modules:

  • Model 9400-MCPC, Advanced Mixing CPC
  • Model 9400-FILT, Eight-channel filter sampler
  • Model 9400-OPC, Optical particle counter
  • Model 9400-STAP, Single-channel Tricolor Absorption Photometer

Additional instrument modules can be added any time (and new modules are coming soon).


The following optional accessories are available:

ACCESS accessories list

Part Number Description
ACC-PWR External 12 VDC power supply for ground operation of any 94XX series instrument
ACC-PC Computer pre-loaded with 94XX series instrument control software graphical user interface
9401 8-channel Filter Sampler (FILT) with Auto-channel advance by software command, integrated motor to change channels, easy to disassemble design. Requires 13mm PTFE 1um pore filters.
9402 Miniaturized Gust Probe (mGUST) for Three-dimensional winds and Turbulence measurements (Estimated release date Sept 2017)
9403 Advanced Mixing-based Condensation Particle Counter (aMCPC) optimized for UAV and other rugged deployment applications
9404 Miniaturized Scanning Electrical Mobility Sizer with Advanced Mixing-based Condensation Particle Counter (mSEMS) optimized for UAV and other rugged deployment applications. Estimated release date Dec 2017.
9405 Optical Particle Counter (mOPC) with 624 nm wavelength, 0.1 to 10 um Dia range; Requires external data acquisition system and BMI software, SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE (Estimated release date 2017)
9406 Single-channel Absorption Photometer (STAP)..450, 525 & 624 nm wavelengths, ..0.1 to 1.7 lpm sample flow, ..Quartz fiber filters, ..includes one sample and one reference channel

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