We have deployed a new Ground-CVI from Brechtel for the first time during the Cloud and Aerosol Experiment Åre (CEASAR) from July to October 2014. The experiment took place at Mt. Åreskutan at 1200 MSL within the famous Swedish ski resort Åre close to the border with Norway. The project focused on aerosol-cloud interactions and contrasting clean marine air masses with air influenced by terrestrial boreal forest biogenic emissions and anthropogenically influenced European air masses. Special attention is on partitioning of absorbing aerosol between aerosol and clouds and aerosol removal processes. The experiment is a collaboration between ITM, the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. During the experiment we have collected several hundred hours of aerosol and cloud microphysical data including cloud residual (CCN) properties from the GCVI.