Base Module

Model 9400

The Model 9400 Base Module includes the software and hardware to communicate with, integrate and remotely control one or more 94XX modules, all at the same time. A ruggedized tablet PC with external serial control talks to and controls each module via a micro-USB hub. A simple-to-use graphical user interface automatically recognizes which modules are connected and activates the appropriate section of the software so you can monitor instrument health, data and remotely control the instrument via serial commands from an external computer. The software also makes it much easier to verify that all of your instruments are working properly before launching the mobile platform. The Base Module is an important add-on to your instrument suite to acquire aerosol samples from UAVs and other mobile platforms where remote control and monitoring capabilities are required. The compact size, low weight and minimal power use make it a great solution for applications requiring portability.

Key features:

  • Compact, ruggedized tablet PC hardware
  • Easy instrument integration via micro-USB hub
  • Comprehensive software to control each instrument
  • Simplifies changes to instrument configurations
  • Sampling controllable by remote user command
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