Aerosol Generation System (AGS)

Model 9200


The Model 9200 AGS is an ideal tool to generate known composition and size aerosol for laboratory experiments and instrument characterization studies. It delivers constant and controllable aerosol generation in an easy-to-use, stainless-steel design. The AGS has been successfully deployed at remote climate monitoring sites integrated with the Brechtel Model 3002 HTDMA to allow automatic periodic sampling of AGS-generated particles to validate HTDMA operation during long-term ambient sampling.

  • Very constant output atomizer
  • Controllable liquid flow rate
  • Atomizer sprays into a chamber to avoid backup and clogging of sprayed droplets
  • Atomizer sample air flow rate 2-7 lpm
  • In-line desiccant dryer to dry droplets
  • Easy-to-change dryer desiccant
  • All stainless steel construction to avoid chemical artifacts associated with plastics
  • Easily rack mountable
  • Automation options available to control air and liquid supplies to atomizer to switch between ambient and AGS sample inlets


  • Easy to use controls to set desired output concentration
  • Chemical purity through stainless steel design
  • Easy to maintain
  • No clogging of atomizer by design – leading to more constant output

Technical Specs

9200 AGS Tech Specs

parameter value type
Air flow rate inside atomizer chamber 2 to 7 lpm
Atomizer liquid flow rate 0.1 to 6 ml/hr
Droplet diameter at 30 psig 1.0 micron
Droplet diameter at 50 psig 0.8 micron
Mode particle diameter at 30 psig (0.025% NaCI) 50 nm
Mode particle diameter at 50 psig (0.025% NaCI) 45 nm
Typical output concentrations 1,000 to 200,000 cm
Atomizer chamber size 4"dia. x 5" length/10.2 x 12.7 cm
In-line dryer size (x2 cylinders) 2.5" dia. x 18" length/6.4 x 45.7 cm
In-line dryer desiccant capacity 0.75 gallon/2.84 lt
Atomizer bottle capacity 1,000 ml
Dimensions 19 x 26 x 8 in/48.3 x 66 x 20.3 cm
Total system weight 20 lbs/9 kg
Operating temperature range 15-45°C
Operating pressure range 0.7 to 1 atm
Construction Stainless steel

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  • Seed aerosol generation for smog chambers
  • Laboratory flow-tube reactor studies
  • Cloud condensation nucleus instrument calibrations
  • HTDMA, OPC, Scanning DMA and other instrument calibrations
  • Aerosol health impact studies

What’s Included

The Model 9200 Aerosol Generation System comes with the following items:

  • Liquid supply bottle with PEEK metering valve
  • Atomizer and atomizer chamber with HEPA-filtered excess flow vent
  • In-line desiccant dryer cartridges with indicating desiccant window
  • High-volume drain bottle with filtered air vent
  • Filling funnel to fill In-line desiccant dryer
  • Operator’s Manual


The following optional accessories are available:

9200 AGS Accessories

Part Number Description
9202 Automated Aerosol Generation System: includes Model 9200 AGS plus Auto-3 way Valve Chassis
AGS-DES Desiccant for AGS in-line dryer (10 lbs non-indicating and ½lb indicating)
AGS-FUN Filling funnel for AGS in-line dryer
AGS-3Way Automated 3-way valve & electronics in rack-mountable chassis
AGS-BOT Liquid supply bottle for AGS
AGS-DB Drain Bottle for AGS
AGS-P115 External compressor, 115 V, with regulator and HEPA filter
AGS-P230 External compressor, 230 V, with regulator and HEPA filter
AGS-Kit Maintenance kit for 9200 and 9202 AGS


AGS Brochure

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